Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Statement (as it appears from time to time) is available on the Sites. We will take all reasonable steps to abide by this policy and all Users of the Sites agree to abide by the policy when using a Site.

If you do not agree to the collection of this information and the other information specified in the Privacy Statement, then you may not use the Sites.
By registering with the Service and accepting the User Agreement, you also consent to:

collection of a variety of personal information which is specified in greater detail in the Privacy Statement. This information includes your address, gender, and date of birth and contact details; in some cases, credit card details, bidding and buying activities; and your use of our Sites generally;

use of your personal information for certain purposes specified in greater detail in the Privacy Statement. These purposes include internal use for improving the Service; meeting our obligations under State or Federal law; statistical analysis of usage of our Sites to improve the Service; to utilise our content and product offerings and deliver promotional material to you (if you have opted for this service); and administrative purposes connected with the Sites; and
us disclosing your information in the circumstances specified in the Privacy Statement.