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Birgitte Herskind is the creator of the collections and the woman behind the clothing brand 'Birgitte Herskind'. The brand was created in 2013 and is today in a creative design studio in the heart of vibrant Copenhagen.


Copenhagen has always been the base of  Birgitte Herskind and the source of inspiration for her detailed and colorful designs. Here, she is living her dream of creating quality women's clothing in exquisite materials that balance the classic with the cool. She is known for her minimalistic and monochrome silhouettes in innovative prints that combines the classic with the modern - elegant and exclusive with the raw designs that are always both dressy, wearable and of high quality. 

For Birgitte Herskind, quality is the highest priority, she is passionate for beautiful Italian fabrics, higher quality and shorter delivery time, so she produces most of her designs in Europe.
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