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List of products by manufacturer Christophe Sauvat

Present in 260 retail stores in five continents, Christophe Sauvat is transversal to any market for the eclectic personality of the brand. Christophe Sauvat is a premium women’s clothing and accessories brand about the beautiful aesthetics of different cultures and lust for travel,  an original conception for the lifestyle of the modern female who is a nomad for adventure – regardless the hemisphere she finds herself in – with garments versatile enough for the most cosmopolitan world explorer.

Christophe Sauvat garments are made of the finest materials and threading techniques such as pure cotton, crepe viscose, silk, suede, cashmere, alpaca, baby alpaca, fur, leather, wool and jacquard. Made in collaboration with experienced luxury artisans in traditional workshops, Christophe Sauvat boho-chic and ethnic style is comfortable and chic, graciously full of charm, elegance and character. Combined with the best fabrics in fashion retail, its selection of clothing, bags, shoes and scarves is also known for the detailed craftwork: sequins, embroidery, beadwork, beading, fringes, pompom, tassels and other details make them uniquely special, as every thread has a tale, told through the exhaustive loving process that every handmade item requires. Christophe Sauvat collections take inspiration from travels and the luxury of freedom, for an elegant, easy-to-wear relaxed style.

The characteristic boho-chic style envisioned by Christophe Sauvat is a concept neither broad nor limited, rather definitely authentic; it is both a lifestyle and an emotion, for in its soul lies the creator itself and the uniqueness of his experiences. Christophe has pursued his lust for adventure with a free spirit mindset around the world, as the designer itself is as much as his creations: bohemian and chic with a charismatic and sophisticated attitude, embodying a universal elegance that is graciously recognized anywhere as hedonistic, cultured and mindful.

Christophe Sauvat’s unique boho chic spirit enthusiastically shares its passion for vintage, quality and eclecticism, as the brand’s work is the never ending pursuit of the authenticity in traditional ethnic aesthetics. The wanderlust that is imprinted into Christophe Sauvat garments can be appreciated in a melting pot city such as New York or Bangkok, stand out from a crowd in Seoul, be discreetly worn in any paradise beach around the globe, shine in a party in Ibiza or taken out to a restaurant in Comporta. French Polynesia, Capri or the Amalfi Coast, the french riviera, Rio de Janeiro, Indonesia, Vietnam, Kenya, Los Angeles and many other globalista destinations are part of the repertoire of Christophe Sauvat interpretation of boho-chic style. Whilst the brand’s style is the evolution of the hippie chic, is it meant to be worn down or be neatly preserved, but mostly enjoyed.

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